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Amulet Manufacturing

Equipmentland is the main online dealer for Amulet Manufacturing of Rathdrum Idaho. Amulet is the leading maker of thumbs, couplers, tilting buckets, rakes, and heavy duty reliable attachments. Equipmentland offers the complete line of Amulet products for backhoes and excavators, including rigid thumbs, hydraulic thumbs, full-motion mechanical thumbs (Hoeclamp), custom thumbs, grapples, couplers, rakes, tilt buckets, hydraulic converter kits and more. We offer thumb attachments for most mini-excavators. Some items are in stock and some are built-to-order with short lead times (7-10 days). Note there are two basic types, “universal” thumbs with their own pin, and shared-pin style thumbs. Our knowledgeable thumb expert will help get you outfitted with the best thumb fitted to your need. No problem shipping to Canada.