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Propane/Nat Gas Heaters

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Propane Natural Gas Heaters – Direct-Fired and Indirect-Fired

Propane Natural Gas Heaters

Propane Natural Gas Heaters from Equipmentland. Approximately 23 percent of the energy consumption of the U.S. comes from natural gas. Over one-half of the homes in the U.S. use natural gas heaters as their main heating fuel. Natural gas heaters burn more cleanly than other fossil fuels. Being a clean fuel is one reason that the use of natural gas heaters has grown so much and is expected to grow even more in the future.

Natural Gas Heaters

Most of the heaters listed can operate on propane. the only difference from the natural gas heaters offered is that the orifice of the fuel nozzle needs to be a different one for propane. Propane gas heaters are usually used in smaller output model heaters as the considerable flow needed for the larger heaters will require a propane tank of significant size to avoid tank freezing issues. Feel free to ask Equipmentland to quote a model if that is what you want.