Patron Electric Heaters

Patron Electric Heaters

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Patron Electric Heaters for Industrial, Commercial and Residential

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Equipmentland offers Patron Electric Heaters, a North American line of electric heaters. Patron products are manufactured in Finland. They are designed with safety and reliability in mind. Patron Heaters have a first class warranty on all heaters. Products ranging from small electric heaters to the robust 205,000 BTU model 60E. Patron is proud to be offering the most popular line of electric construction/industrial heaters to the North American market.

The E Series fan-forced Patron heaters set the standard for heavy-duty portable electric heat. They feature rugged construction, a powder coated steel housing, and a high quality sealed motor. Each unit is equipped with overheat protection – stays cool even when the heater is running. They provide a very quick and high temperature rise, with the industrial-grade fan distributing warm air powerfully.

The most popular units are the E9 and E1.5. Heaters that use the standard 220 or 230V dryer or stove outlets are popular. Heavier duty models are available. Units are used for applications such as emergency heat, drywall drying…even hot yoga studios. Even pest control.

We offer you the full line of Patron Heaters, a line we have had hundreds of satisfied customers. We offer the lowest price you can get. If not, we want to know about it.

Patron Electric Heaters