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BANNERMAN – Maker of Curb Dresser and Edger

Bannerman equipment for sports facilities to aerate, seed, topdress, edge, groom, or line. Performing sports turf magic for more than 50 years. Equipmentland offers the Bannerman Edger, replacing the no-longer-available popular Kurb Dresser.

Bannerman Curb Dresser and Edger, hydraulic or non-hydraulic models

The Manitou Kurb Dresser Kurb Dresser, a once-popular edger that is now out of production. We found the Bannerman Curb Dresser, which is finally an equivalent replacement for the Manitou unit.

The Bannerman unit is a tractor 3-point edger designed for trimming grass on baseball infields. More features than the Kurb Dresser. Therefore, it does everything a Kurb Dressser did and more. Designed to make radius cuts in addition to straight cuts. Ballast Weights hang on a bar rather than in a tray. A leg kit is included for storing the unit. Perfect for trimming grass from curbs and pathways. Simply hook up and drag behind your tractor and trim grass growing over curbs. A disc cleaner keeps it cleared of debris. With its adjustable guide shoe, the Bannerman Diamond Edger is surprisingly easy to use.