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Thumbs for Excavators of any size

Excavator Thumbs

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Excavator Thumbs

Excavator Thumbs for all types and makes of Excavators. From Amulet, we offer Rigid Thumbs, Hydraulic Thumbs, Hoeclamps, Mini Excavator models and more. Amulet Rigid and Hydraulic thumbs have their own main pin on a weldable base plate. Except for Powerclamp, Amulet thumbs do not share the pin with your bucket. This also allows you to more easily switch buckets or utilize a coupler.

Amulet BRUT rigid-mechanical-adjustable thumb

The Best Rigid Universal Thumb – an excellent alternative for backhoe loader and small excavator owners looking for a thumb that is heavy duty in design, inexpensive and easy to install and use. Models for nearly any size excavator.

When not in use, all Amulet rigid thumbs are designed to store as complete units tightly against the dipper. The rigid, 4-position model can be converted to hydraulic at a later time by replacing the telescopic strut with a hydraulic cylinder.

Amulet PowerBrute – hydraulic-weld-on thumb

An affordable, solidly built hydraulic thumb that fits most makes and models of mini excavators both old and new. Featuring an independent main pin, universal two-tine design, all mounted on a easy-to-weld on baseplate. Models for any size excavator.

The PowerBrute allows for quick and easy bucket changes as well as impressive thumb rotation and integrity. Being a narrow bodied, true universal thumb, the PowerBrute is designed to work with virtually any bucket the host machine will accept.

Amulet PowerClamp hydraulic-weld-on thumb with shared pin.

An affordable, solidly built shared-pin style hydraulic thumb that fits most makes and models of mini excavators both old and new. Featuring a two-tine design, with a new pin provided. Models for any size excavator.

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