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Flameless Heaters

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January 2024 

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Therm Dynamics flameless heaters for volatile applications. Two types: Oilfield Models and Construction. Both models have the same basic features; the oilfield models have extra equipment to meet all industry requirements and zeros setbacks. For oilfields, these heaters comply with OSHA regulations.

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- Self Contained. No generator or electricity needed.
- Models from 200K BTU to 1.2 Million BTU per hour.
- Airflow up to 9,000 CFM; 190º F Exit Temperatures.
- Static pressures up to 5.25" for 100' duct runs.
- For oil rigs, construction, restoration, drying.
- Exceeds most OSHA, MSHA, and API standards.
- Equipmentland ships anywhere domestic or abroad.

Therm Dynamics Flameless Heaters are the original patented flameless heater. Models for oilfields and construction

Therm Dynamics has developed the patented process of converting and capturing the torque of a diesel engine into heat and combining it with all the other sources of heat - from the heads, exhaust, cooling system - to make a totally flameless heater; it provides its own high volume airflow without any electric fans or any other ignition sources. Therm Dynamics heaters are the safest heaters by far for volatile environments.

How does a flameless heater work?

Therm Dynamic's patented technology uses diesel power to agitate hydraulic oil in a flameless, sparkless, low-pressure environment to deliver high BTU output and remarkable air flow up to 9,000 CFM. The Therm Dynamics system converts the engine torque into heat and dissipates it inside an insulated cabinet which also captures the heat produced by the engine heads, cooling system, and exhaust. The unit is a specialized heat-producing unit that is safer and more trouble-free than anything else on the market. The diesel engine creates the heat and powers a high-volume fan for robust flow. Heat output is controlled by simple RPM settings on the diesel engine throttle.

Flameless heaters are more fuel-efficient than indirect-fired heaters; there is hardly any heat lost through the exhaust stack as compared to indirect-fired. Fuel economy can be achieved by simply throttling down the RPMs. All controls and auto shutdown systems are provided ensuring safe operation and equipment protection. Clean heated air can is delivered by flexible ducting.

The heat generator and engine are enclosed in a locked cabinet complete with automatic shutdown features, floor, and removable doors. These heaters are designed for stand-alone, 24-hour trouble-free operation. Given the flameless and spark-less nature of the technology, the unit is ideal for oil and natural gas wellheads, fuel farms, mines, airports, grain silos, painting operations, and anywhere fire is of concern.

Trailer models or skid mounted with many options

Units are available in skid or trailer mount, 200 to 400-gallon tanks, single and tandem axles. Oilfield models include an intake-air auto-shutdown valve, which resets itself at complete shutdown, and a spark-less alternator. All models have thermostatically controlled automatic intake louvers, emergency shutoff switch, and master lock-out.  Additional accessories include duct storage bins, amber strobe light, recirculation inlet kit, skyhook, and insulated and uninsulated ducts.

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