Amulet Hoeclamp Full-Motion Mechanical Backhoe Thumb


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– Full-motion mechanical thumb. No hydraulics.
– Opens and closes with your bucket curl.
– Easy to install in less than 1 hour. New pins inc.
– Works on many telescopic sticks and quick couplers.
Pins to storage position for digging-only mode.
– Built-to-order with reasonable lead time.
– Tip Radius Dimension needed to fulfill order.
Order online for $100 off. Coupon amulet-$100
  If your make/model is not on this list, no Hoeclamp available.


Measure the distance from the center of the main bucket pin to the end of the teeth of your bucket and to the bucket cutting edge. The bucket can be in any position as the distance remains constant. If a Quick Coupler for changing buckets is present, measure from the center of the main pin where the coupler connects to the stick. Refer to the diagram if needed. You don’t need this dimension to order, but we need it to fulfill the order