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Universal Thumbs

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Universal Style Thumbs

Universal Thumb means the main pin is part of the thumb, it is not a shared-pin thumb. Bucket changes are easier… no pin to pull. Good rotation.

Equipmentland is the leading online source for thumbs. We offer adjustable rigid (mechanical, non-hydraulic) thumbs, hydraulic thumbs, upgradeable-to-hydraulic thumbs, full-motion mechanical thumbs (Hoeclamps), custom thumbs and more. Available for most skidsteers, backhoes, mini-excavators and standard size excavators. All thumbs we carry are reliable thumbs from established US manufacturers. Some thumbs are in stock and some are bulit to order. Inquire how we can help get you outfitted with the best thumb fitted to your carrier. Note there are two basic types, “universal” thumbs with their own pin, and shared-pin style thumbs.

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Speciality Thumbs

Heavy-duty Thumbs for all excavators and backhoes. Move rip-rap, logs, pipes, demolitions, etc. Series 200 pivots from weldment at end of dipper stick and series 100 pins at the bucket pivot pin. Choose from 2 tine or 4 tine models with rigid beam or hydraulic.


Amulet B.R.U.T. Excavator Thumbs. The Best Rigid Universal Thumb

Five-position rigid thumb that’s upgradeable to hydraulic (Powerbrut). Conveniently stores flat to the machine’s stick when not used. This adjustable, non-hydraulic mechanical thumb is mounted with it’s own main pin on a weld-on base plate. Models for most loaders, backhoes and excavators with standard, non-extendable sticks, with or without couplers. Bolt-on models also available for standard-stick Case backhoes and other un-weldable sticks.


Amulet Hydraulic Thumbs for Excavators and Backhoes

Universal hydraulic thumbs, fits all nearly every size of loader/backhoes and excavators. Works with all buckets and quick couplers. Stores flat under the stick when not in use. Models usually in stock for nearly all machines between 2,500 and 100,000 lbs. Models for telescopic sticks utilize the main bucket pin. If your stick is not plumbed we offer a diverter valve for a hydraulic circuit that’s not needed when using the bucket.