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Thumbs and Grapples

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Rigid Thumbs, Hydraulic Thumbs, Extendahoe Thumbs and Grapples for all weight classes.

We offer excavator thumbs, adjustable rigid (mechanical, non-hydraulic) thumbs and hydraulic thumbs. Also, full-motion mechanical thumbs (Hoeclamps), custom thumbs, etc. We have outfitted thousands of machines. Our knowledgeable staff can help fit you with the most appropriate thumb for your machine.

Thumb attachments for backhoes, mini-excavators and all sizes of excavators. All thumbs we carry are reliable thumbs from established US manufacturers. Some thumbs are in stock and some are built to order. Note there are two basic types, “universal” thumbs with their own pin, and shared-pin style thumbs.

We have a thumb for you even if your backhoe is and extendahoe, For instance, for a wide range of extendahoes, we offer the Amulet “Hoeclamp”. This is a full-motion mechanical thumb that requires no plumbing. We have other alternatives when there is not a model for your extendahoe.

“Grapple” means a variety of things. Commonly, a rake and a thumb used together is considered a grapple. Other grapples are all-in-one units, orange-peel grapples, recycling yard grapples. Inquire with Equipmentland if you need more information or don’t see what you want in our online catalog.

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