Asphalt Cutters

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Asphalt Cutters

We sell a wide selection of asphalt cutters (aka Coulter Wheels). Available for skid steers, farm tractors, backhoes, wheel loaders and excavators. We asphalt cutters for every  application. Clamp-on styles for skid steers, mini excavators, backhoes and excavators. Even models for motorgrader moldboard mount or scarifier mount. Most units have a minimum of 50,000 lb bearings allowing downpressure for varying hardness.

All Equipmentland units have been designed either for the rental industry or for the heaviest duty applications, designed by experienced contractors in the asphalt cutting and related businesses.

More than one manufacturer. Two models from General Equipment Company. Other models by Attachments International. The Attachments International Moldboard Asphalt Cutters for motorgaders was designed by Gerry Henry, head of Attachments International, with many years experience including cutting asphalt.

Equipmentland prices are the best you can get. If not, we want to know. If you do not see what you want in our online catalog, contact us today so our experienced sales team can help you get what you need.