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Specialty Thumbs

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EQUIPMENTLAND offers a wide array of specialty thumbs and grapples for every job large and small.

grapple rake for skid steers

Amulet HoeMate Four Tine Rake

The HoeMate rake is the ideal heavy-duty match for any type thumb attachment. Available to fit virtually all machines to 80,000 lb. the Amulet Rake creates an unsurpassed open tine grapple.

Replacing the bucket the HoeMate, used in conjunction with any of Amulet’s rigid, mechanical, or hydraulic thumbs is an inexpensive way to create a grapple in just minutes without the investment of limited-use, dedicated clam or “orange peel” grapples.



Attachments International

A.I. Hydraulic Grapples are effective when you are picking up a lot of material. The wider-than-usual thumb gets under the object while the grapple in the bucket position adds to the grasp. Built-to-order by one of the country’s highest quality manufacturers, let us know your carrier and lead times and we can have it made to meet any need.

Heavy-duty Thumbs for all excavators and backhoes. Move rip-rap, logs, pipes, demolitions, etc. Series 200 pivots from weldment at end of dipper stick and series 100 pins at the bucket pivot pin. Choose from 2 tine or 4 tine models with rigid beam or hydraulic.

excavator thumbs for backhoes

PowerClamp Hydraulic Thumbs

The top of the line, custom made, hydraulic thumb, individualized for the machine, bucket and desired configuration. Heavy gussets, serrated teeth, webbing, hardened pins and bushings, everything heavy duty. Available in non-linkage style with about 140 degrees rotation or linkage style with 180 degree + rotation.

Model specific for excavators above 20,000 lbs. Clamps match to buckets, teeth mesh and have optional tooth width.