Equipmentland is a dealer/distributor of products mostly made in the United Stated of America. Equipmentland products are available for sale and shipment to other countries. International purchases are encouraged. Equipmentland welcomes your inquiry for purchasing our listed products and others. If you do not see the exact product you want from our website listings, please contact Equipmentland. Your order may be for an individual item or a container of items or large items.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: Our policy for the sale of products for export requires prepayment by wire transfer. No credit card orders. You, the customer, need to provide an expediter or a freight forwarder to arrange shipment. Shipment will be from a USA port of your choice or from the dock of the manufacturer (exworks).

FEW ADDITIONAL COSTS: The only additional costs to us you will have regarding your order may be:
1) Special Packaging if necessary or required such as crating, fumigation of pallet/s etc.
2) Shipping to a USA port if applicable.

DOCUMENTATION: Equipmentland will provide the required paperwork for your order. Typically this documentation is only a Commercial Invoice and a Certificate of Origin. Any other documentation will be provided by your freight forwarder, freight carriers, etc.

TAXES & FEES: Equipmentland orders have No Sales Tax. Equipmentland conducts business from the USA state of Oregon where there is no sales tax. The origin of your order may be from another state than Oregon, but there are no other taxes related to the sale of our equipment. Any other taxes after we release goods are your responsibility. You will be responsible for all duties, tariffs, local taxes, fees, etc. Equipmentland does not advise of other taxes. Refer to your freight forwarder. North American Free Trade (NAFTA) rules apply.

LANGUAGE: Equipmentland conducts all transactions in English. However, our website allows you to view any product in most any language. Use our translate features provided to convert our product descriptions to your language. Also we provide a translation method for converting your language to English for messaging. This is not a perfect system but we invite you to try if you do not speak English. For large orders we may be able to obtain additional interpretation if needed. Our website also provides tools for converting units and currency.

Please use the Equipmentland website as you wish. The order forms do not work in languages other than English, but we provide many ways for you to contact us regarding your interests. Whereever you are in the world, Equipmentland products may be available to you. Contact us for more information. Thank you.

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