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– For drilling in difficult ground conditions, compacted soils,
heavy clay, asphalt, frozen ground, and fractured rock.
– RSA means Round Shaft Auger
– 48 inch length, different diameters available
– Choose 2″ Hex (Belltec Drives), 2″ Round or 2 9/16″ Round Coupler

– Medium flow-rate economy hydraulic drive
– For skid steers, farm tractors and mini-excavators.
– Planetary gearbox to eliminate chain and sprocket reductions
– Ideal for light to moderate drilling applications to 36″ dia.
– Maximum Output Torque: 2600 ft-lbs
– Recommended Fluid Flow: 15-30 gpm
– 2″ Hex Output
FREE SHIPPING to Continental USA & S. Canada when ordering with two accessories (mount, hoses, augers)


Belltec  Heavy Duty Fixed Length Extensions for 2″ and 2.5″ Couplers. Available 24″ to 180″ lengths.


Belltec fixed and variable length Auger Extensions for 2″ hexagonal, 2″ round and 2 9/6″ Round Augers and Couplers. Photo shows a hex extension. Round extensions look similar.

Heavy Duty Dirt Augers – SSA 160 BEL-A16010
– Diameter: 16″
Heavy Duty Dirt Augers – SSA 140 BEL-A14010
– Diameter: 14″
Heavy Duty Dirt Augers – SSA 120 BEL-A12010
– Diameter: 12″
The Belltec Puff Drill Auger drills holes for  T-Posts and similar diameter fence posts. Available in models for dirt and heavier models for compacted soils, frozen ground, fractured rock, solid rock and concrete. High strength solid 1 5/8″ center shaft with a CP-16 replaceable carbide pilot. (cutting width of pilot is 2′). Available with 2″ Round, 2-9/16″ Round or 2″ Hex Coupler.

Auger Adapters

Belltec Auger Adapters

High Quality Auger Adapters From Belltec
– Round To Hex Adapters
– Hex to Round Adapters
– Sizes 1-1/2″, 2″, 2-1/2″, 2-9/16”

– Pilot Bit for Belltec Puff Augers, Two types
– 2″ CP-16 replaceable carbide pilot for Rock
– 3.5″ Hardfaced Pilot for Dirt Puff Auger

Replacement teeth for auger digging equipment. Spare bits, hardfaced, carbide bullet teeth of all sizes for all needs. If you don’t see what you need here please call. Equipmentland is expansion of its line of auger equipment is on going.


Auger Bits


Through Hardened Dirt Gauge Tooth Cutter That Provides Long Life And Increased Production

$10.35 $9.00
Belltec Auger Teeth -Two 35 Flat Tooth 112008