General Equipment

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Asphalt Cutters and Crack Saws

General Equipment asphalt cutters are built with steel plate structures to resist stress related cracking and distortion. Special alloy-steel cutting blades are field replaceable without disturbing bearing or seals.

No special tools required for installation. Attach to most backhoes, tractor/wheel loaders, road graders, dozers and other construction machinery.


Augers and Attachments

As a certified dealer for General Equipment Company we offer a complete line of earth augers, extension, couplers, blades, teeth, auger pins and display stands. Augers range in size from 2″ to 36 ” in diameter with flighted and non-flighted extension.

If you do not find what you are looking for or need shipping quotes, please contact us.

 one man post hole digger

One Man Post Hole Diggers

One man, hand-held digger popular as made by a leading US manufacturer.

New model has a seal that allows the unit to be operated at an angle or can be laid down after use, and oil will not penetrate the combustion chamber as typical on lesser quality diggers.

  Two-Man Post Hole DiggersTwo-man, hand-held machines equipped with industry leading design and operational features that help define the industry standards for productivity, service requirements and investment return. Precision machined, all-gear drive transmissions deliver unmatched digging power while minimizing maintenance costs.All metal centrifugal clutches slip on overload or when striking buried objects. Heavy duty earth augers up to 18 inch diameter compliment their use on the widest range of hole digging projects.

 concrete planers and saws

Concrete,  Asphalt, and Tile Surface Preparation

Equipmentland carries planers and grinders for nearly every surface including concrete, asphalt, linoleum, tile and more. Always consider the location the work will be done in determining the power source for your planer. Electric motors are the common solution for indoor resurfacing or planing, while gasolene or pneumatic are comonly used out of doors for sidewalk or other maintenance or resurfacing jobs.

Always use the correct electrical outlets when using electric motor planers indoors.

 non-hazardous ventilation and fans

Ventilation, Fans and Duct

The industry’s most complete line of confined space and positive pressure type ventilation products designed for use in non-hazardous and hazardous locations. Choose from AC and DC electric, gasoline or diesel power sources along with a complete line of ducts and related storage accessories.