Easy-Empty Pallet Fork Dumpster


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The Orange Box Easy Empty Pallet Fork Dumpster

As your forklift tilts the mast just a few degrees, the Easy Empty Dumpster will tip and the unique self-locking mechanism will release the door. Tilting the mast back or lowering to the ground will reset and lock the door.

Use with your fork lift, or your skid steer or tractor loader pallet fork attachment.
The Easy Empty Container is the only truly self dumping container on the market to date. This top loading container is activated by tilting the mast of the forklift forward. A safety chain holds the unit from slipping off the tines. There is no need for the forklift driver to leave the forklift. As the container tilts, the locking system will release the door. As the container is lowered to the ground it will reset and the system will lock the door. Within a matter of seconds the Easy Empty is ready to go back to work. We were impressed when viewing this attachment and added it immediately to our offerings.

– Safe Hands Free Operation
– 11 or 12 Gauge with 3/16″ bottoms
– Welded Steel Construction
– 1 – 10 Yard Capacities
– Caster Mounts available on most models
– Safety Orange Rust-Resistant Finish
– Custom Sizes available

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