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Belltec Augers

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Belltec Augers

Augers for all types of hole digging needs. From standard economy duty augers for simple post hole drilling in standard soil, to large diameter long length augers and extensions for the most demanding hole digging challenge. Different models available in a variety of diameters. Also Extensions, adapters and couplers are available.

A = 2″ Round
B = 2-9/16″ Round
C = 2″ Hex (Belltec Drives use this)

Belltec SDA Series Augers
SDA (standard dirt augers) for drilling in soft, alluvial soil type ground and light fractured rock. The economy line for simple hole digging where aggressive design is not needed. Feature a fish-tail pilot and standard duty spade shaped teeth in carbide from Equipmentland.

Belltec BHD Series Augers
BHD Series Augers free you to focus on the big pictures. The 4.5-in pilot and patented, severe-duty boring head minimize hang-ups in the hardest displaceable soils by powering through gravel, cobble, or fractured rock. Bolt-on Teeth.

Belltec Bullet Series Augers
Bullet Series Augers are specializing at cutting through tough cobble, boulders, fractured, or solid rock. The advanced, rock-crushing boring head design utilized C1HD PlusTM Bullet Teeth arranged at optimal cutting edges. These are serious auger bits you will see on quality construction projects.

Belltec Spiral Series Augers
Belltec Spiral Augers increase productivity on hard ground. The conical design with C1HD Plus carbide teeth engage the ground progressively. This auger will pulverize concrete, fracturable, and most solid rock.

Equipmentland is a full line dealer of Belltec products.