Mighty Mole Horizontal Boring Attachment for Skid Steers, Mini Skid Steers and Mini Excavators


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McLaughlin Mighty Mole Horizontal boring attachment for skid steers, mini skid steers and mini excavators. Bore holes to 4.5″ dia. and 100 ft, depending on soil.
Add a Moeling Package with 60′ of rods, a mole, a reamer etc. Add additional size reamers for larger bores.

6-M156010HD Drill Rod 1” x 9/16” x 10’ Long
1-M155100 Mole 1-3/4” Diameter
1-M155200 Reamer 2-1/2” Diameter
1-M155700 Swivel Shank
1-M156600 Button Kit 13/16” Connection
1-M1556801 Uncoupler 13/16” Connection

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