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Tractor Loader to Skid Steer Conversion Adapter

3 point Adapter
This adapter fits onto your Skid-Steer Loader and will fit 3 point attachments (Category 1 & 2 )xa0 This is easy to use and is built compact to maximize lifting capacity.
-Available with au2028 window or solid with welding holes
– Use with hay spears, blades, scoops, snow blades, etc.
– Adapt your skid steer to accept 3-point attachments
– Works on category 1 and 2
– Weight: 135 lbs
Offset Right Universal Skid Steer hitch
Skid Steer to 3-point hitch (cat 2.) adapter kit
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Suitable for the following carriers
PFM Post and Tree Puller with Self-aligning Jaw Clamps PFM200 30
Universal Flush Face Couplers Installed
For HAUG-MBOG-59-84