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Heaters for General Warming,
Water Remediation and Mold Abatement

Air movement helps for drying but adding heat really speeds up the process. We have a full line of small-to-large heaters that have high volume of air capacities. Compare the specifications and order the heater with the highest volume (CFM=Cubic Feet per Minute) and BTU’s (amount of heat). Select indirect-fired units for ducting breatheable air into areas, direct-fired units where economy is needed and fumes are not an issue. Contact Equipmentland for immediate help.



Equipmentland Features

Direct and Indirect Fired Heaters for many applications including construction sites, water remediation, mold abatement, prevent water damage. Equipmentland favorite for Indirect Fired heaters. Cantherm provides excellent product availability, a full line of accessories, quick shipping, excellent technical service.


For really big jobs (up to 1.2 million BTU)
use a diesel engine
flameless heater.


ThermDynamics Flameless Heater
TD 500

TD500 Flameless, Sparkless Diesel Heater for water remediation, water damage due to flood or accident, mold and mildew abatement, and for safe flameless heat in volatile environments such as oil wells. Heaters by Therm Dynamics. In stock and ready to ship!


heaters-for-water-remediation and flood damage

Patron Construction and Industrial Heaters

Patron heaters set the standard for heavy-duty portable heat in configured for nearly every fuel source. Built for prolonged use in challenging situations. Perfect for construction sites, industrial and agriculture, flood and water damage and remediation and most commercial uses.


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Flagro Heaters 

Heavy duty heaters for construction, interior warming, construction, agriculture and industrial use. Many models and fuel options from portable to towable heaters. Excellent Service from US and Canadian Distribution.


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Heat Wagon Portable Industrial Heaters

Made from Italy. Popular with the US Military. Ready supply from Equipmentland and their leading US Distributor.

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– 30,700 BTU/HR – Electric Heater
– A 240V unit requires 40Amp circuit, runs on 25A
Plug into a dryer or stove outlet
– 9kW / 240V – 30,700 Btu/Hr
– Cord: 10 ft / Plug type: NEMA 14-50P
– UL Approved, 39 lbs.
$656.00 $624.00

– Electric Motor: 1/4HP, 115 VAC, 60 HZ
– Variable up to 500 CFM (14.2 CMM) flow rates
– 1st Stage Standard: 18 x 18 x 1 inch pleated media, 30%
– 1st Stage Optional: 18 x 18 x 1 inch activated carbon
– 2nd Stage: 18 x 18 x 2.5 in. pleated HEPA, 99.7% @ 0.3 microns
– Accessory Power: Integral, 15 Amp GFCI duplex/12 Amp breaker

$795.00 $745.00

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– Operates on propane or natural gas
– 335,000 BTU, 2,600 CFM
– Operates as a fresh air circulator
– 115V/60Hz/1ph/15amp
– 20ft Cord,  heavy duty casters
– Weight: 347 lbs

$3,308.00 $3,190.00
  • AF500-0010  primary Filter
  • AF500-0020 HEPA Filter
  • AF500-0030 Odor Filter

– Heat Output:205,000 BTU/HR
– Indirect-Fired Fan: 120v, 9amp; CSA US Certified
– Air Flow: 1,530 CFM; Ductable up to 50′
– Fuel: Diesel, Kerosene, Fuel Oil, JP-8, Jet A
– Fuel Tank: 14 US Gallons, Preheated Fuel Filter
– Shipping Size: 57″L x 24″W x 32″H, 180 lb


Stock subject to change without notice.
Please inquire before ordering.
– 85,000 BTU; 450 CFM
– Propane or Natural Gas; Thermostatically controlled
– 115V/60Hz/1PH/15Amp; Direct Spark Ignition Control
– Operates as a fresh air circulator
– 30″ Long x 16″ Wide x 22″ High;  135 lbs

$1,347.00 $1,290.00

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– Heat Exchanger for external exhaust
– Thermostatically controlled
– Direct spark ignition
– 2500 CFM; 390,000 BTU/hr; 450 lbs
– Built-in fuel tank for oil, diesel, or kerosene.

$5,419.00 $4,990.00