Direct Fired Heaters

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Propane Heaters, Natural Gas Heaters, Diesel Heaters, Kerosene Heaters, and Electric Heaters

A portable direct fired heater has a fan forcing air past an open flame, delivering heated air that contains exhaust fumes and odors. Direct fired heaters are for use in open or well ventilated areas such as delivery bays, unoccupied areas, etc.

Sometimes known as “salamander” heaters, direct fired heaters offer an economical way to provide heat, providing there is not a need for people to be working in the heated space. For a portable heater that delivers clean, breathable air, see Equipmentland’s offering of Indirect Fired Heaters which are more like a mobile furnaces with a fan forcing air over a heat exchanger where combustion occurs internally and fumes are exhausted through a stack.