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Equipmentland is an authorized dealer for GasTrailer, a manufacturer of small capacity aluminum fuel trailers. These units are very high quality from a small manufacturer who is doing a great job. Equipmentland prices are guaranteed less than as offered directly from a manufacturer. Contact our knowledgeable sales staff for a custom package, quick quoting and easy ordering.

– DOT-compliant Aluminum Trailer & Tank: 110 Gallons
– Less than 119 gal. = No HAZMAT license for hwy use
– Fully Enclosed Pump, Hose Reel, 20′ hose, meter, LED
– Electric Pump, Auto Shutoff Nozzle
– For gasoline, diesel, kerosene, Jet A
– 3 Models: Standard, Transfer or Avgas (all fuels)
– Lead time about four weeks.

–  Manual, Electric or Aviation
– DOT-compliant Aluminum Tank: 110 Gal.
– Painted chassis and fenders
– <119 gallon: No HAZMAT license req.
– Lead time 4 weeks


– DOT-compliant Aluminum Trailer and Tank: 110 Gallons
– Less than 119 gallon: No HAZMAT license required for hwy
– Manual or Electric Pump Models
– Pump/Hose/Nozzle mounted on top
– Rear Compartment – Battery, controls etc.
– For gasoline, diesel, kerosene, Jet A
– Avgas model for all fuels (different pump fittings, hose, nozzle)
– CURRENT delivery about four weeks.