10 Inch Land Clearing Tree Shears

10″ Land Clearing Tree Shears


Dymax Tree Shears are land clearing tree shears featuring two heavy duty grapple arms. An accumulator arm is also available. New design of grapple arms and accumulator arm yield improved operation and greater strength.

The shearing cycle on Dymax Timberwolf is 33% faster than former model, and the shearing cylinder is a hefty 5″ barrel with 3″ rod. Hydraulic fittings and hoses are protected from abusive elements.

New and improved blade and blade stops of the tree shear makes any adjustments a breeze and replacement a snap. This unit features a redesigned frame and shear arms that yield a much higher shearing power ratio than other brands, making fast work of softwoods and hardwoods. Pivot pin is larger and chrome plated, and features hardened, replaceable bearings.

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