Screening Buckets

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The PFM Screening Bucket is ideal for commercial and residential landscaping, farms, industrial uses, golf courses, baseball fields, beaches and many other applications. It will screen dirt, gravel, sand, demolition debris, large rocks and many other materials. By screening and compacting at the site, contractors can prepare sub-grade surfaces. Utility and trenching contractors can screen bedding material. Useful for digging, loading, and carrying materials after unwanted fines have been removed. The simple rugged design results in minimum downtime for service and maintenance.

The rugged frame is all-welded of heavy wall tubing with hardened steel, double thickness cutting lip and skid plates to protect bottom of frame. The shaker bucket is constructed of reinforced steel plate and mounted on heavy isolator rubber springs for maximum vibration and long life. The quick-change replaceable screen cloth is available in various sizes of openings and made of long lasting, high carbon alloy steel. The hydraulic vibrator motor with greaseable bearings provides power to shake heavy materials. An adjustable flow divider with pressure relief valve allows fine tuning of vibrator speed to match the hydraulics of the skid loader. These features make the PFM Screening Bucket one of the strongest, most durable on the market.

Investment in a PFM Screening Bucket will greatly increase the speed of any type of rubble or rock type material screening, whether it is an agricultural, industrial, commercial or landscaping operation. Simple hydraulic connection that does not require access to a case drain on the skid loader and the adjustable hydraulic flow control provides the user with easy setup.

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