Gas Trailer

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Gas Trailer Aluminum Fuel Trailers and Tanks for diesel, gasoline and av gas.

Gas Trailer brand fuel trailers allow you to haul all types of fuel without a Hazmat endorsement license. With tanks below the 120 gallon regulation, models are becoming available in 110, 220, 330 gallon.

Three Basic models of Gas Trailer. Equipmentland was the first provider of Gas Trailer. We are proud to be along with Robinson Metal products offering this aquired, improved line.

There are all kinds of possibilities when it comes to the variety of ways you can customize your mobile fuel trailer. For example, if you want to be able to have both gasoline and diesel on hand, you can get a split fuel tank upgrade to store two different types of fuel. Or, if you want to make your refueling equipment even more safe than it already is, you could get a double wall fuel tank.

Whether it’ a Gas Trailer Contractor, Economy, Pro or Fuel Station Model,  a Gas Trailer fuel trailer is a portable gas station on wheels. Standard equipment includes  a fast flowing 15 GPM electric pump and an automatic shutoff nozzle, when the pump is running, fuel flows at a rate nearly twice that of most gas station pumps which allows for quick and efficient refueling operations.