Augers & Hole Digging

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Augers and 3-Point Hole Diggers

From one-man, two-man, tow-behind, tractor 3-point, skid steer, backhoe and excavators, Equipmentland provides complete system design knowledge with your specific application.

A full line of adapters, extensions, power units, and auger bits from soft dirt to solid rock. We started out selling one man units in the 1990s and have grown our knowledge over the years to a complete understanding of hydraulics and auger applications to the larger scale projects. Such as solid rock drilling and augers 36″, 48″ diameter and digging deeply with excavators. Call today for expert guidance in putting your system together.

Belltec Augers

Weight: 200lbs

Weight: 150lbs

Weight: 75lbs

Weight: 190lbs

Weight: 45lbs

Weight: 35lbs

Weight: 25lbs

Weight: 125lbs

Weight: 5lbs