AMI Attachments

AMI gives you all the versatility of a stick-pivot thumb for extendable backhoes. The exclusive design is perfect for backhoes with inside-arm-extendable-dipper-sticks. The cylinder bracket is mounted at the end of the stick and travels over the outer casing. The strong bracket provides support for grabbing in both the extended and retracted positions.

Add a hydraulic thumb to nearly any extendahoe with an inner extendable stick.

– Works on New Holland, JCB and Terex inner sticks
– Any other inner stick contact us
– Inner stick can be fully retracted and thumb remains operable
– Operate thumb with fully extended or retracted stick
– Stick Plumbing required – Kit available, Minimal Welding
– Made in Canada, Lead time 2-3 weeks
– Add a Hydraulic Diverter Kit– Some measurements needed from forms we send you.

– Diverter Kit w/ Rocker Switch.
– Standard voltage is 12VD
– Mounts anywhere on machine (in cab, valve bank)
– A component only kit.
– Kit does not include hoses or fittings
– Includes valve
– Made in Canada
– Order today for short lead times
– Call 1-800-214-1649 Now for best shipping
– 30 lbs approx

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